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Ready to lead the future of work?

Hawa Kombian, career coach, organizational strategy facilitator & social impact public speaker, catapults leaders into success & growth in the integrated future of work.

Our Frame

What Are You Doing to Advance Your Leadership Narrative?

“Our goal is to equip 10,000+ professionals with the leadership skills to drive self, teams and change across the continent through their workplaces by 2030.

The real question is…are you ready to reimagine the future of work in Africa?”

Hawa Kombian

Successful leaders practice adaptive growth, while fixed managers struggle.

The most successful leaders  learn and apply new habits that support their aspirations and goals. There are multiple dimensions of development, change, and growth that impact leadership expansion.

Purpose-driven goal-getting, team leadership, career development strategy, and professional journey integration are ways that the most ambitious leaders  position themselves for the future of work.

Profitable organizations invest in people-centered operations while flailing firms fold.

No amount of money or resources can save a business from poor leadership. The outstanding companies, pioneering the future of work, deeply understand that people are at the center of what they do and whom they do it for, and they prioritize this belief in their operations.

Building a strong culture, connecting your offer with seamless delivery, optimizing systems, and realizing strategy are ways that the leading ventures are defining the future of work.

Our media is designed to accelerate leadership growth by inspiring you to

Refresh your perspective on the skills that progress your leadership journey.

Put people at the center of your leadership efforts.

Innovate your approach to create efficient & effective structures & systems.

Sustain change efforts that advance your goals, growth & impact.

Sharpen your mindfulness, judgment & decision-making.

Reimagine the future of work.

Our Purpose

We all know that the work and the business environment is where we create opportunities to solve the world’s biggest problems. Unfortunately, this is where we have the biggest problem.

Workplace disconnection is the leading cause of limited growth and stagnation for African founders, professionals, and businesses. Considering that the (virtual) office is where we spend most of our time, this is alarming.

By 2035, all predictions show that Africa will have one of the world’s youngest and largest working populations. Approximately 50% of 1.8 billion Africans will be 21 years old, and an increasing number will emerge as entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations tackling our biggest challenges and unearthing our greatest opportunities.

The dynamic workplace must be our focus if we want to change the continent and establish a functional, dynamic & global “future of work”.

If ‘workplace disconnection‘ is the problem, then ‘workplace connection‘ is the solution. Our  approach blends compassion, curiosity, and change management to enhance mindset and skills in personal leadership and organizational management structure. These inputs generate impact that is felt across our communities and integrated in the development of our continent.

Our Niche

We offer dynamic and diverse experiences to meet the needs of leaders, globally. From mastermind groups to bespoke solutions for partner organizations,  we produce immersive adventures that   speak to your growth journey.


We believe in the power of diverse content (including text, audio & visual) to share stories, perspectives, and lessons that bring the nature, needs, and considerations of the future of work to life.

See more in “our media”.


We root our expertise to the realities of your life, your career, and your business. We creatively collaborate & guide leaders to reimagine the future of work they are motivated by and ready to lead.

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(Future of) Workable

We dedicate our energy towards ensuring change is straightforward, designed with people at the center, and sustainable. We enable your initial change management steps to integrate the future of work into your daily life, routine, and habits so that you can make progress and achieve success.

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We pursue our mission to share the inclusive and impactful benefits of the future of work mindset, and practices across our communities. We bring social impact to the forefront of a future that will benefit and support us all.  

Our Testimonials

Our Experiences

Our interconnected experiences arm you with the confidence, approach & tools to transform the future of work.

Journey Alignment

Looking to magnetize the market towards your life-changing mastery?

The journey alignment experience positions you to embody credibility in your field, and amongst your peers through a system that helps you reliably align, clarify, and realize your skills in service to others.

This connects you with a like-minded community who are supportive of your mission and unique offer.

The future of work is amplified when leaders inspire others to take aligned action.

Systems Integration

Looking to become a recognized solution generator who is able to focus on growth?

The system integration experience enables you to create operational cohesion within your team and process function a system that helps you deliver excellent products & programs.

This skyrockets your implementation success in cross-collaborative contexts.

The future of work is optimized when complex systems are able to interact and respond efficiently & effectively. 

Strategy Realization

Looking to accelerate your timeline towards achieving your targets?

The strategy realization experience sets you up to clarify your strategic planning and communication through a system that helps you plan and take action to achieve key targets.

This prioritization of your goals enables you to focus your efforts and energies to outperform.

The future of work leapfrogs when leaders can sustainably & successfully raise the bar.

Relational Wealth

Looking for a balanced and enriching environment that allows you to focus on growth?

The relational wealth experience enables you to build a foundation of safety and trust across key relationships through a system that helps you define and direct your energy towards aligned relationships.

This foundation becomes a spring-board for mutual support that helps you achieve your goals.

The future of work thrives when people feel unified through community and connection. 

Hawa Kombian

Founder & CEO

Hawa Kombian is a career coach & business growth consultant with 10+ years of experience.

She has managed a successful track record in business scaling strategies and organizational development. Her career across Canada, West Africa, and the broader continent, has exposed her to diverse humanitarian causes, health-tech, and workforce development industries. Many describe Hawa as an intentional, passionate and creative leader. She has impacted organizational founders & their teams to achieve operational sustainability and social vibrancy by building results-driven cultures of connection.

While home in Northern Ghana, she noticed the disparity between many African business leaders and those she had interacted with in her career. Hawa identified the one thing causing professionals in Africa to fail or stagnate, as opposed to their counterparts globally, who continued to grow and thrive. It was not capital or lack of resources. Many did not have the mindset, structures, or social vision to reimagine the future of work in a dynamic landscape.

When I think deeply about my journey, what was happening in my work setting has often been a mirror of the internal ways I needed to become a sharper version of myself in my personal life”.  – Hawa Kombian

This is the inspiration behind “Hawa Kombian Consulting”, to ensure that essential experiences like journey alignment, systems integration, strategy realization, and relational wealth, are addressable at the personal and the organizational levels. The skill sets these experiences tap into enable strategic leaders to use them to advance their own career journey, as well as the specific goals of their organizations.

Mastering productivity at work is a systems issue –  influential solutions generators have an ability to integrate the people, processes, and tools that contribute to their operational success.” – Hawa Kombian

This is the true nature of the “future of work”, one where we can all  experience the type of professional growth that we can use in different settings to have a greater impact. 


An Africa where leaders transform and integrate their approach to purpose, entrepreneurship, and impact for the future of work, in order to position the continent for success and prosperity.


To enable 10,000 professionals to reimagine the future of work by 2030 through a  leadership practice of compassion, curiosity, and change management.



We value and create the space to share, express, and reflect on our work experiences in a way that strengthens relationships with ourselves and others.


We value and hold the space to reimagine, collaborate & experiment in order to create the integrated future of work we envision.


We value and apply tools and processes to bridge us into a future of work that inspires and guides us toward collective success.